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Undesirable pests take refuge in your home, the cleanest if homes. Our pest control programs are designed to meet the individual needs of each homeowner we service. We inspect your home to pinpoint various hiding spots where insects may infest and reproduce. Pests search for areas providing moisture, food and controlled environment.   Insect reproduction accelerates quickly after the pests become established in YOUR home.




General Residential Pest Control

Your home is no place for pests. The Wheeldon Company Pest Management Professionals can provide you with a pest free environment.


Our Pest Management Program May Include the Following:

  • Thorough inspection of the crawlspace, perimeter around your home, garage, and basement.
  • Inspect the interior including the kitchen and bathroom areas
  • Application of bait in concealed areas
  • Crack and crevice treatment using odorless insecticide
  • Both interior and exterior treatment
  • Removal of spider webs that are accessible and within reach
  • Key services available
  • Your complete satisfaction guaranteed


Commercial Pest Control


We provide services for a variety of businesses. Our commercial clients include office complexes, restaurants, stores, apartment buildings, schools and warehouse facilities to name a few. Each service is customized to fit the establishment's needs and restrictions.


Our process includes:

  • Initial consultation and complimentary inspection.
  • A report outlining the current situation and proposed course of action.
  • Ongoing communication between both parties.










Are cockroaches a health threat?  You bet!


Cockroaches can spread at least 33 kinds of bateria, 6 kinds of parasitic worms, and 7 other human pathogens. The habits and high reproduction rate of roaches can lead to large populations which spread disease, contaminate and eat our food as well as cause allergies and trigger asthma attacks.


Control of cockroaches are needed in homes to help prevent build up of dangereous amounts of allergens.


Good sanitation along with the help of trained and experienced professionals is needed to reduce the problem and effectively work toward eliminating roaches.


Call for a free inspection to identify the kind of roach you have and an estimate to start battling your cockroach problem.


Remember roaches are active at night while you're sleeping and inactive during the day, so you are probably not seeing the real population! Give us a call.





Pest Removal Services Brown Recluse Spider



"Itsy bitsy spiders".....


Spider Control is a 6 step process.





                                                                              1.  Inspection

                                                                              2.  Identification

                                                                              3.  Prevention

                                                                              4.  Sanitation

                                                                              5. Mechanical measures

                                                                              6. Pesticide application


The Wheeldon Company provides a free estimate once we are able to identify your spider problem. Our first concerns are that you are not having a Brown Recluse or Black Widow spider infestation. Once your species is determined we can put a program plan together considering your home and environment and what is needed to give you the quickest effect. 


Whether you have the house spider, brown recluse, black widow, sac spider wolf spoder or others, let us help. Give us a call! 





Have you ever returned home from vacation, with one foot in the door ans suddenly been attacked?  You've been gone, turned the air down and sent the pets to a kennel.  That means hungry fleas are ready for a blood meal, any bloodmeal!


Fleashave a complete life cycle, egg, larvae, pupa,adult.  To get fleascontrolled you must break that life cycle. The flea population can quickly become a major infestation is a very short time if the conditions are favorable. 


Let us tell you more about how we can help you take care of that flea problem. This serive is one that requires good customer communication and cooperation. Let's get started, give us a call.

Ant Control Odorous House Ant




There are several different types of ants in our area of the country.  the most we encounter as a household and business establishment problems are Carpenter Ants, Ordorous House Ants, Pharoph Ants and Pavement Ants.  Identifying your problem ant is the key to a successful ant control service.


Knowing your ant, lets us know where best where to locate the nests and what foods they prefer. Many ants are protein ants where some are sweet ants, and some are both.


Carpenter Ants can be of concern for homeowners when small wood shavings or sawdust like frass is found along with ants whether inside or outdoors near your home. These ants use moist or soft woods to build galleries in which they nest. This can cause weakening in the wood they've attached, whether it's a wall stud or floor joist and could be costly to repair the damage.  Ants swarmers are often mistaken for termite swarmers in the spring.  If ant swarmers are spotted this means you have a well established colony.




Odorous House Ants are very small ants but comes in big numbers. The colony can host several queens giving them the ability to bud or divide into several colonies.  They get their name from the most identifying characteric of a rotton coconut smell when crushed. they mainly feed on honeydew and when spring rains or summer drouts come, that send them indoors for other food source.  If treatment is put off very long they can set up nests in walls and floor voids.


Remember identificaiton is of utmost importance in any ant control program. We'll be glad to give you a complimentary inspection and estimate.

Carpenter Ant Damage Carpenter Ant Damage




Summertime and warmer weather not only brings outdoor fun and activities but also Mosquitos!


Mosquitos can not oly give a painful bite but serve as vector of many important diseases effecting humans.  these are Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, Filariasis, Encephalitis as well as the West Nile Virus.


Adapting to almost any kind of aquatic situation, we can recognize conditions and areas around the home and yard that contribute to breeding sights. Resting in landscaping and foilage, we can provide a treatment with equipment and products designed to reduce mosquito populations.


Take your backyard back!!!
Give us a call and we'll inspect your property and yard to see what plans will be most effective. 



Is there a mouse in your house?  And you're familiar with the holiday peom..."not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse"



The house mouse is the most common rosent pest in most parts of the world. The word rodent means to gnaw.  Roof rats and Norway rats are other rodents that are dealt with as well being commensal rodents (meaning share one's table).  Many young rats are often mistaken for mice but can be seperated by characterics dealing with the easr, feet, tail and nose.


Rodents not only spread diseases and viruses but are known to be responsible for a considerable amount of damage in homes and structures with their gnawing actions.  Gnawing electrical wiring have caused many house fires in the United States.


They leave behind hundreds of micro droplets of urine daily and one mouse can produce approxmately 18,000 doppings per year. Mice muliply quickly and can gain entrance into homes and structures squeezing through the smallest cracks and holes.


To keep mice and rodents out, we'll be glad to make an appointment with you, inspect your structure, evaluate your needs and make reccomendations for a program for you. Take hold of your reodent problem and give us a call today.  270-745-1934  or toll free 1-866-PEST (7378)

Where to Find Us: On Highway 231, Scottsville Road from I65, head towards Scottsville, approxmately 2 mile on the right.

The Wheeldon Company LLC

Pest Management Professionals

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German Cockroach











Black Widow Spider Removal Black Widow Spider
Wolf Spider Removal Wolf Spider


The Wheeldon Company LLC

Pest Management Professionals

 6217 Scottsville Road 
Bowling Green, KY 42104

Phone: 270 745-1934

Toll free: 1-866-457-PEST (7378)

Horse Cave: 270-786-3917

Somerset: 606-677-0356


Take your backyard back!






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