As part of Bed Bug treatment programs, The Wheeldon Company utilizes all available resources to help correct the homeowners concerns. 

No 2 homes are the same when it comes to treatment.   

We can help you sleep peacefully at night knowing that your home has been throughly inspected and treated.  

What's the best way to control bed bugs?

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These small (3/16 inch long) broad, oval, flat, brown to redish-brown true bugs are not to deal with yourself. A female lays 200-500 eggs in her lifetime, which is on average 10 months.


  • The eggs at normal room temp can hatch in about a week, and can become adults within 1 month. 
  • They are noturnal, hiding in many places near their hosts
    • Bed frame
    • Joints, Cracks and Crevices
    • Inside box springs
    • Mattress seams
    • Tack-stripes under edges of rugs
    • Furniture drawers
    • Hollow legs
    • Behind wallpaper or pictures on nearby walls
    • Draperies or curtains, blind hardware,
    • Electrical sockets, light switches AND the list goes on!



The Wheeldon Company sells industry approved mattress and box spring encasements

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Controlling bed Bugs Bed Bug infested bed frame



  1. Controlling bed bugs is difficult and time consuming. Communication and Education is very important in any bed bug control program. 
  2. Understanding how infestations are established and control measures used to eliminate them are important.
  3. It is essential to cooperate and assist in the preparation of the rooms and furnishings for treatment.
  4. Reviewing the neccesary steps to manage the infestation and taking action will be the key to a successful treatment program.
  5. A thorough inspection should be made to determine whether bed bugs are present, and if so, where they are hiding.
  6. Bed bugs spend most of their time hiding as outlined in section 1. 
  7. The professional can use flushing agents in cracks and crevices near the hosting site and are very helpful.
  8. Items may be moved and disassemblemed while searching.
  9. If bed bugs are found, a treatment program can be prescribed.
  10. Preparation is a vital part of all bed bug treatments. Preparation impacts how well the treatment can be performed and whether it will be sucessful. We really can't stress this enough.





Bed Bug Removal Inspection with flusing agents
  1. Stripping all beds down to bare mattress and box springs.
  2. Bedding, blankets, clothes and clutter should be removed from furniture and floor for cleaning.
  3. Floor should be vacuumed thoroughly including the area under the bed, night stands and other furniture. (Brush attachments should be used when cleaning along baseboards, crack and crevices, mattress, box springs, etc).
  4. All wall decorations and pictures should be taken down.
  5. Drapes and curtains should be removed and laundered.
  6. Electronics such as TV's, radios, computers and alarm clocks should be removed from the room and placed in tightly sealed plastic bags. These items should not be treated with conventional insecticides.
  7. Heat treatments may be recommended for items such as these, but also take into consideration that exposing certain items to extreme temperatures could be damaged. 

We would love the opportunity to explain the different types of treatments we offer and which would be best for your environment. We offer free inspections and estimates with no obligation.  We also offer treatment with a heat chamber that allows some furniture and personal items to be treated with heat; an alternative to disposing or throwing them away.


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