We've Got The Buzz on Mosquitoes

Are you tired of going into the backyard and fighting off dozens of mosquitoes?

Our service technicians have you covered


Our affordable control solutions allow you to enjoy more of your extended home and take your yard back!  



  • Do you treat my entire lawn?  
    • No!  A well maintained lawn offers little protection from sun and heat.  
  • What Do you treat around my home?
    • Our technicians concentrate on areas of haborage.  Trees, Shrubs, Tall Grassy Areas.
  • How Long Does It Last?
    • Our service is applied every 30 days
  • Will We Ever Get Bit Again?
    • While we cannot Guarentee you will never get bit again, we can drastically reduce the amount of activity
  • Does Rain Effect The Treatment?
    • Once applied, the treatment is rainfast in just 15-20 minutes


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