Mole Service

What is a MOLE?  Well this depends on who you ask...


For the most of us they are terrors of the TURF!  Moles can wreck a yard in the matter of hours.  They are not after plant roots, but they are in pursuit of their favorite meal, The Earthworm.  


Even though they cause extensive damage to the look of your lawn, they do provide benefits.  From the aeration of soil, to eating of grubs that do feed on plant roots.  



Fun Facts: 

  1. Moles have extra thumbs (All the better to dig with)
  2. Moles can dig up to 15 foot of tunnels in about 1 hour
  3. A mole smells in STEREO, which means they can smell and identify which direction food is traveling
  4. They dig deeper in winter months, thus why you don't notice them during the cold
  5. Moles sleep (rest) about 4 hours then dig (hunt) for 4 hours.  -The ultimate shift worker-




FAQ - 

  • Why do I have moles
    • Moles are attracted to slight slopes, shade, moisture and more than likely well maintained lawns.
  • When are moles active?
    • Moles are active year round.  Extreme heat and cold equals less activity
  • Why Do I have so many mounds and tunnels?
    • One males tunnel can extend up to 2 1/2 acres, with complex burrows seperated by hunting and living tunnels.
  • I have a whole family of moles living in my yard
    • Mating season begins in late winter.  Gestation last around 42 days, when the female gives birth to 2-5 young.  The young moles become able to be independent after about 30 days.
  • What can I do for moles?
    • At The Wheeldon Company, we concentrate on the feeding habits of the moles.  Using formulated bait that the Mole just can't resist!



Most Mole Services show drastic reduction of moles in just a few weeks.  Depending on size of lawn, surrounding areas and amount of activity, results could take a few months.



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